Client Case Study

Watch How This NEW Septic Pumping Business Went From 8 Calls a Month
to 40 Calls a Week!

Part 1

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Septic Pumping, Sewer Line Clearing, Grease Trap Cleaning, Pump Replacement, Riser and Lid Installation, Tank Locating, Tank Repairs, and Lid Replacement.

The Challenge

A new business with no customer base, and no website. Wanted to add 10 jobs/week minimum using online marketing.

Service Area

Jackson County, Brown County, Bartholomew County, and Lawrence County, Indiana. Very rural, with lower populations.

The Challenge

"Hi. My name is Hannah with Dinsmore Trucking & Septic Services. We offer septic pumping, sewer line clearing, grease trap cleaning, pump replacement, riser and lid installation, tank locating, tank repairs, and lid replacement.

Our main focus at the beginning of the year was trying to get our name out there. As you well know, it's hard to let everybody in the community know that you're there and we had been pumping since April of last year, and we knew that the first of this year, we wanted to really hit online marketing so people could find us. So, we reached out to Septic Marketing Pros. We've been with them since February and so far, it seems to be going great.

Before hiring Septic Marketing Pros and communicating with them, we had started a Google Business ad, which really wasn't getting anywhere. It wasn't bringing our name to the top of the list, and we knew that we needed help with that. We had started a Facebook page, which we had just a few people that we knew really that were helping us try to broadcast it, but it just wasn't going as far as we wanted it to and we wanted to hit it a lot harder."

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The Solution

"So, we went from getting eight calls a month, which when we hired Septic Marketing Pros in February, he had told us, "Give me three months. Let me get you a website built, and then let's start hitting the Google hard so we could get your name up there." In the last month, we have had probably an average of 40 to 50 calls a week. Not all of them are jobs, but we are steadily doing three, four tanks a day right now. It is our wet season too. So, that has helped greatly.

I'm very pleased so far with what we have experienced and I look forward to the future. I would tell anybody, first off, if you are serious about wanting to have a successful business, that you need to look at marketing because that's the only way really to get your name out there in a community. We do a four-county radius where we're at. We're really rural where we live and just a lot of people didn't know that we were even around. So, hiring Septic Marketing Pros really has given us a broadcast out into those communities where people are able to find us now.

You got to look at what you are spending in marketing too. I feel like with what we spend in marketing, we're able to pay with that with a day's worth of work. So, if that broadcasts over a month, you are going to be making way more money at the end of the month using them than if you tried to do it yourself.

We seriously are so thankful for them. When we started with Septic Marketing Pros, a month after we started COVID-19 hit, and we were really worried that that was really going to stop us and not push us farther, but it has not slowed us down at all. I am so excited for that. I don't know that there's anything that I would change. Joseph has been very forthcoming on what he's doing, and every time I call him with a little bit of a problem, he always answers it and he gets it fixed right away. So, I don't think there's really anything that I would change. You guys are doing a great job and continue the good work."

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